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The New York City Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act, which is an ambitious package of legislation to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% by 2050. This “Green New Deal” will take effect in 2024 and is comprised of eleven pieces of legislation, but the centerpiece is the carbon emissions limits law for large NYC buildings (Local Law 97/2019).

What is New York City Local Law 97

In April, The New York City Council overwhelmingly passed one of the most ambitious and innovative legislative packages ever considered by any major city to combat the existential threat of climate change, specifically focused on reducing and eliminating carbon emissions.

NYC Local Law 97 of 2019 (Intro. Bill 1253), a part of the NYC Climate Mobilization Act, requires large and medium-sized buildings, which account for nearly a third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the city, to significantly reduce their emissions.

Before 2030, buildings with more than 25,000 sq. ft. need to reduce their carbon emissions by 40%, and 80% by 2050. The very worst performing buildings will have to act by 2024 to curb their emissions. Hefty fines will be enforced starting in 2024 and will build until the goals are reached. You must act fast and have a plan in place by 2024.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Limits for Buildings (Local Law 97)

Local Law 97 mandates that covered buildings 25,000 square feet and larger cannot emit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at levels higher than the limits set by the law. These carbon limits are set based on the occupancy group of the building and take effect in 2024.

Beginning May 1st 2025, covered buildings will need to submit a report showing their carbon emissions from the year prior (2024). This reporting of a building’s emissions must occur annually and the report must be prepared by a registered design professional.

Buildings that do not submit an annual report prior to May 1st or release carbon emissions above their occupancy group limit will be fined.

Case Studies

The following two case studies are actual buildings that The Cotocon Group is currently the ENERGY STAR Service and Product Provider (SPP).

These GHG emissions projections show how efficiently run buildings by 2019 standards can still be at risk of violation for 2024.



500,000 sqft.

Occupancy Group B (Office)


2019 ENERGY STAR SCORE: 43 (Non – Energy Star Certified)

31,000 sqft.

Occupancy Group R-2 (Residential)

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